Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Here we go again...

I just got off the phone with CeCe's ENT and they want to move her surgery up a week to Tuesday, February 8th. She just isn't getting any better. So she is going to have a super epiglottis plasty (sp?)to loosen the area around her larynx to help her Stridor. She sounds just terrible right now and they said she'll be better that night but may have some swelling that will bring the noisy-ness back on days 3-4 post surgery. We won't know until she is in recovery if she will have to stay the night.

I'm sad for her...poor thing has been through so much already, but if she needs, she needs it. They at least were able to get her in the first morning surgery spot at 7:30am (arrrival at 5:30am) she doesn't have to go thru all the NPO nonsense again like last time.

Please pray for our sweet girl...she's a tough one!


  1. Poor CeCe, I will pray for you guys. I hope this helps with the stridor. Trisha

  2. Were praying for a smooth surgery and a quick recovery for your little lady :) Also for endurance and peace for you guys Jen :)

    Love in Christ,
    The Williams