Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Out of MRI

CeCe is doing fine...the MRI and xray took over 2.5 hours...and they were delayed in starting. She is on a vent which is breathing for her at the moment, but is sedated, of course, and resting. They have also restrianed her arms so she can't accidentally pull her tubes out.

We have emailed the MRI results to her Philly neuro for one last look but we are not sure he'll be able to get the look he needs or that he'll have a chance to view it before her surgery tomorrow. Either way though, enough people have convinced us that she needs this surgery and we are ready for it (as much as we can be).

***Sidenote***-One of her alarms just went off and when I asked what that meant, they said she was coughing...we couldn't hear a thing...weird. She also opened her eyes for a momment before they gave her more meds and it was so nice to see her baby blues.

Anyway...the nurses and doctors remember us from last time which is sort of comforting and all have asked how she is doing...

I'll post more tomorrow when I can.