Saturday, February 26, 2011

Morning rounds..a good night!

They were able to remove CeCe's NG feeding tube last night and reduce the oxygen she was needing to the lowest setting....then when we came in this morning, they docs decided to take her off all her meds, cannula, and even removed the port in her foot that they keep as a "just in case" measure should she need IV drugs and such. A good thing too because her little foot had swelled up over night where the port was and her right foot was a deep purple because the O2 wasn't circulating properly. Once they removed turned right back to pink.

She ate a full breakfast and went right back to sleep. The Intensivist doc said he thinks she is ready to move out of the ICU onto another floor, but wants the blessing of neuro and ENT before doing so...who knows when they'll be by?!?

Let's keep this train rolling!


  1. Were so glad to read the good news! What a strong little girl belonging to a very strong mom and dad as well :)No doubt that God has a very special plan for you guys and your two precious daughters to boot!

    Love from Texas,
    The Williams