Monday, February 28, 2011

Not too much to update

CT Scan came back and her ventricles look good...they can also see that her cerebellum has the room it needs....good stuff there. BUT, they can't explain why she is vomiting so much so they are checking for a gastric blockage, urinary tract infection, and just a plain ole virus. Neuro said she is ready to move out and about from her crib for feeds to get her neck moving again. Still waiting on uro to report back from bladder and renal scan also.

She's having a rough day today. She's not eating and cries when she tries to poop and nothing comes out. They've got her back on IV pain relievers since she couldn't keep the oral ones down and she hasn't slept but 30 minutes since 4am...not a pretty picture.

Still waiting for her smile to return.

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