Friday, February 25, 2011

Deep breath

The docs turned off all of CeCe's meds today about 5:00am with the thought that she would be ready to extabate about 7:30am...but, CeCe had other ideas. They expected her to wake up fairly quickly on her own and that wasn't happening. In addition, her heart rate was dropping into the low 60's and her blood pressure was WAY 155/95.

The docs weren't liking what they saw and described it as a triad...bp + heart rate + respiration=proper shunt function....and the respiration part was missing since she was on a vent. So the neuro adjusted her shunt again and they sent her for a CT scan to check the setting. This is on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE from her room in the PICU. So they rolled hear down there and while she was in the room her heart rate drop quickly to 50 and the monitors started screaming and beeping. Brian and I could her them from outside the door shouting at one another, but we couldn't understand what they were saying. They came out and said we needed to get her straight up to her room and we rushed back. Her numbers were a bit all over the place on the trip back and it got pretty scary....All the docs came in the room and started watching her and slowly but surely her numbers began to even out.

They decided at that point to go ahead and extabate. They had all the "just in case" meds at the ready and re-warned us about what we were about to see. CeCe was a champ! She was fully awake, with the tube and she just started sucking on it like a binky...then they slid the tube out and she just sort of looked at crying, just staring at them.

So, she is resting now with intervals of alertness and we are just watching her like a hawk. So far, no stridor, no chest retractions....all good. Hopefully her ENT will come by later today and assess from his point of view...I think she looks good....squishy, pink and sweet.


  1. OK...Good news! Let's pray it keeps coming. Tell her not to scare you like that anymore...sheesh!

  2. Oh that is good news! I was scared when I started reading. Good, happy news!