Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quiet Sunday...literally.

All of CeCe's docs converged at onCe around noon today. They are still watching her very closely to be sure her heartrate and bp stay where they want them...and she hasn't really dipped all day. She will not moved her neck at all and cries when you have to pick her up and move her the slightest bit, but they assure us that's the best thing for her right now. Neuro thinks she's on a great path and she just needs some time for her body to equalize.

We were also able to have her urologist come by to check her out since we keep having to cancel her office appointments because we have ended up in the hospital. He is going to go ahead and run her bladder ultrasound tomorrow that she needs updated to be sure nothing has changed there. Please pray for this for her.

She still has the slightest bit of stridor but we can already tell it's better than it was just yesterday and she's eating full feeds without coughing or sputtering...GOOD STUFF!

**Side Note** There was a group of student nurses here today and they all wanted to see and listen to CeCe...most of them had never heard stridor and hadn't seen an SB kid. They all peered in at here and whipped out their stethoscopes. She's such a rock star!

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