Thursday, January 27, 2011

CeCe 2.0

That's what Brian is calling her. We went to neuro today and they needed to change her shunt the 2.0 setting. The numbers are a measure of pressure and when they dial it up, the shunt drains more slowly (which seems backwards to me). They started her at 1.5 then moved her to 2.5 (the highest) in the hospital last week because she had some fluid between her brain and the dura and thought she was being "over-shunted"...draining the fluid to quickly.

So, when they checked today, her ventricles were a bit bigger (again) so they decided they needed to meet in the middle to try and balance her out. They won't check the setting etc again for 6 weeks since they have already seen what the other settings will do...and also they don't want to expose her to anymore radiation then they have to.

I asked what "fluid on the brain" means for her future and couldn't get a straight answer. The P.A. said kids that don't have SB and don't have a shunt can have the same thing and it doesn't really mean anything significant to them. I need to do more research on this one.

On a side note, I have a co-worker whose daughter is in the ICU (and has been there going on three weeks now). She is 8 years old and is in a medically induced coma because they can't stop her unexplained seizures. Her name is Brooke and she needs your prayers too.

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