Thursday, October 20, 2011

"They's my MAGIC shoes!"

Thank you Forrest Gump! CeCe got her AFO's (ankle-foot orthotics) yesterday and the cutest little running shoes to go with them. She took to them quickly and you can tell they will really help her to learn to stand properly and distribute her weight and help her to learn to walk. They go from her toes to mid-shin/calf and fit perfectly into her new Keeping Pace running shoes....a company created by a mom with a son with cerebral palsy that got tired of the constant struggle to find shoes that fit over braces. Love companies like that!

CeCe has a few big dates coming up including her sedated MRI on Tuesday, November 8, so please add her to your prayer list. This is a big day for the neurosurgeon to be able to check in on how her Chiari is doing and to keep monitoring the success of her decompression surgery back in February.

If you didn't know already, October is sb Awareness Month. Please note that THIS MONDAY has been designated a National Day of Prayer at noon for families living with sb. Please say a prayer for all these means so much to the families to know that they are being lifted up. We will also take "positive thoughts", if prayer is not your thing!