Thursday, February 24, 2011


CeCe had a good night. They have adjusted her feeding tube in anticipation of her being able to "eat" again today. But, they want to wait until after her 8:00am(ish) CT scan ( at the incision site) to be sure she's ready.

Today is a BIG day for her again. They have decided to extabate her (remove her vent and allow her to breathe on her own) but we have already been warned by multiple docs and nureses that this is a tough process to watch and kids respond in different timeframes. They are first going to scope her again to check the amount of swelling etc in her airway to be sure they can re-intabate her if necessary. Then, they will slowly bring her out of sedation until she is fully awake and is ready to try breathing on her own. This is the scary part...she's going to be waking up with tubing going every which way and this will make her anxious and stressed and probably try to pull things out. If she does alright, they will pull the tube and...viola...she is ready to go. If not, they will have to re-intabate and then consult with the ENT about the tracheostomy.

Three things we need prayers for today...easy extabation-no trach, no infection, no leakage at incision site....let's call it out, people!

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