Thursday, February 24, 2011

Morning update...a "yea"!

The rounds docs came by and decided they want to leave her intabated another day to be sure the swelling has gone done and give her the best chance of avoiding the trach. YEA!

So, they are going to keep her mildly sedated with a different drug that will make it easier for her to "come around" when they are ready to go tomorrow.

Neuro came by after reviewing her CT scan from this morning said "the scan looks just how whe would want it to look. No swelling, bleeding and ventricles are small." DOUBLE YEA!

She looks a little puffy, but opens her eyes now and then if there's a loud noise or the nurses are messing with her. She seems to be taken it all in stride and tolerating this life interuption.


  1. Great news!! Still praying for all of you...

  2. That's great news!
    One day at a time!