Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CeCe is out of surgery!!!!!

She came out of surgery right on time and the doctor said she did great. They did have to give her some blood since her hemoglobin was a bit low. The anesthesiologist said this often happens and is no reason for concern. He also said..."She was my daughter when she was in there, but now I'll turn her back over to you." How awesome is that.

The neuro said they had to shave part of her skull and the back arch of C1-C5 and a tiny bit of C6. That was more then I expected, but he seems very hopeful that this will "fix" her issues. He DID NOT have to go into her dura either! A HUGE deal in that he didn't have to open the covering around the brain nor harvest a patch (or use a synthetic one) which is very positive.

We haven't gotten to see her yet but expect to go in within a few minutes. Please continue to pray that she does not develop any infection or have an leakage at the incision site and that this did actually fix the vocal cords and stridor.


  1. Whoo hoo!! So glad it's over...Continued prayers!

  2. What a blessing to hear the surgery went well! Praying for your sweet family all around!
    Love in Christ,
    The Williams

  3. I've been thinking of CeCe all morning. Will continue to pray for your little lady.