Monday, June 4, 2012

It's what's on the inside that counts.

I’ve heard this phrase all my life…Almost always when it has to do with pre-judging someone or not giving someone a fair shot.  Sometimes it’s what people say when they just didn’t know what to say…kinda like, “It’s all for the best.”  Well, my friends, turns out it IS on the inside that counts even when it comes in the form of a syrinx. 

As you may recall, CeCe has a pool of fluid in her back that can be a bit ornery.  It was the hope that this pool would shrink and just lay there, still, not causing her any difficulties.  But as of her last MRI in November it was the same as it had been 6 months prior.  So here we were at her follow-up to her follow-up to her follow-up.  We waited on pins and needles in hopes of hearing the Neuro say those three little words…”Her syrinx IS smaller.”  Ok, that’s 4 words…whatev, math is not my strong suit.  Who cares!  Results=No pending surgeries!

Although we have to catheterize her now to prevent infections and protect her kidneys, she has come so far in just a short few months.  She has about a dozen words now (My favorite is “Mom-MEEEE” EVEN when she says it a hundred times over and over in time with her crawling cadence.)  She loves her some Elmo (“MoMo”) and she already IDOLIZES her big sister, Caroline…attempting to copy everything she does (Man, are we in trouble!).  She is ALMOST walking…ANY.DAY.NOW.

In other news…Team CeCe ROCKED the Walk N Roll.  We had such a blast and want to thank all the folks that supported our cause.  CeCe won first place for donations and left with a gift card that produced her first set of wheels…a Red Radio Flyer wagon.  I saw her eyeing the one a kid had at the walk, and thought she deserved a little something special.

Later, Gators.