Sunday, February 27, 2011

If you are interested...

I found this on the Mayo Clinic's website fairly closely describing what CeCe had's not too overly graphic either...

She's is doing "ok" right now...the docs haven't come through yet this morning...but you could tell she was really in pain last evening/night and the docs hadn't written for any pain meds. The nurse had to call and call to get them to call back so they could even give her Tylenol. She woke up about 3am and they were able to dose her agian. Her heartrate is still of concern and has set off the alarms several times during the night as it dipped below the monitors limits, but she brings herself back up (i.e. no outsude assistance) but even then she stays on the low side for what they like to see. She also doesn't want to move her head and neck at all from side to side...crucial to help her heal properly...can you blame her?

Neuro is going to be consulted again today to get their opinion this morning. I'll post agin after rounds/neuro consult.

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