Friday, February 11, 2011

Back from Neuro and ENT

So...nothing too new here. ENT is still thinking she will need a trach. Her vocal cords are not moving well and he is VERY concerned that her airway will be compromised if she gets any kind of cold or worse, RSV. While this is a relatively simple operation, but the care at home is HUGE. She has to stay in the hospital for 5-7 days, mostly to teach us how to care for her. We will also have an in-home nurse that will come by to check on her throughout the coming weeks. Becasue this is such a real possibility, Brian will not be returning to work for at least 14 more weeks.

Then we went on to neuro where they adjusted her shunt again to try and maximize the draingage. She's now a 1.0! We will go back on Tuesday afternoon and she will get to meet with her neurosurgeon (he's been out of town during all of this) and get his thoughts and advice. We think he is going to say she needs the decompression surgery and if he does, we are going to get a second opinion either at Duke or back in Philly.

This has been a crazy week for little Miss, and we pray next week is better. Till then...let the shunt do it's shunting!


  1. One more day/appointment of no definate trach or decompression. Sounds like good progress for today

  2. Continued prayers that the shunt will resolve everything....Hang in there! Much love...

  3. Thanks, guys really help keep us going!

  4. Will continue to pray for CeCe and you all. Hoping you can avoid more surgeries, maybe the shunt adjustment will do the trick!