Friday, September 16, 2011

All Clear!

CeCe had a GRRRRRREAT clinic appointment last Friday. She had another renal/bladder ultrasound to be sure her kidneys and bladder look good and that there isn't any reflux...and she rocked it! If she has one more good one (i.e. no uti or reflux) then she will be OFF the amoxicillin she's been on since birth.

We also saw ortho and he again liked the look of her bones and movement. He gave us a Rx for AFO's (ankle-foot orthotics) little ankle and foot braces to help her learn to stand and walk properly....she is going to have contraptions on from head to toe...literally!

We also got the dates set for our triumphant return to Philly for her 12 month study follow up....prior to going, though, she has to have a sedated MRI and her ENT wants to get down her throat and mess around while she's under too. This all makes me nervous, but neuro needs to see how her decompression surgery is progressing and ENT wants to make sure her vocal cords are still getting stronger. And, if yes, then she can come off her reflux medicine too...woot! Having the MRI done here in Charlotte will cut a day off our trip to Philly as they will just use the results from this MRI for their records too. So all of this will be going down on a Tuesday (not November 22!)between the end of October and mid-December...a huge coordination on the part of the hospital to get both these doctors in the same place at the same time.

Her head shape is getting better too. The back of her skull has really rounded out nicely already and the sides are coming along...she still will probablly have to have the helmet until right before her birthday...what a super birthday present that will be!