Monday, November 29, 2010

The waiting game

So much was meant to happen today...some of it did and some of it didn't. Caroline is on the mend and feeling much better today. There was a group of volunteers that came in to play with the kids today and she had a good time with her playmate.

On to CeCe...the ultrasound folks NEVER SHOWED UP. That's call no show. We will check up on that as soon as we can.

The PT showed up but we weren't able to see her at the time.

The neurosurgeon showed up and left without much comment.

The social worker showed up and chatted with us for awhile...just stuff in general.

On to to MRI...we knew when she would have this today, when we found The neurosurgeon mentioned it was at 5:00pm...then we found out it would last 2 hours...then we found out she couldn't eat after 2:00pm....then at 5:00om, they hadn't called for her yet and she was HUNGRY...then when they came and got us at 6:00pm they said she would have to wait for a MRI table to be open, probably around 7:00pm. I about lost it at this point. So, CeCe was of course a trooper and was soothed with some cuddling and a binky. They also told us that she had to be sedated for it and I was not real happy about this either...we just got her awake from the surgery and they said the effects of this may last for 24 hours....geez.

And so, we wait...she's in there now and should be done between 8:30-9:00pm...we won't have any results until tomorrow and I have a sleeping room again tonight so I can be here...I think it makes up both feel better.

I'll let you know any results we get as soon as I can.

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