Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful in Philadelphia...

What a day today....Cece had a great night in the NICU...vitals were stong but she is still on the CPAP. The docs came by and said they wanted to wean her off it today so they dialed it down. Also, she FINALLY woke up from her surgery was so awesome to be able to look at her baby blues...when I was holding her, she just kept looking around...not knowing what to do with all the new sights...those beyond her warmer bed, that is.

We also woke up to cool is that on Thanksgiving...just flurries really...but awesome! When I came back from my visit, the nurses were putting up the Christmas tree...and Caroline got to help. She was putting on decorations and helping to make thanksgiving treats that one of the nurses had brought in..they also had the parade on...if it wasn't for all the monitors with bells and whistles, it would have been just like home! There are only three patients on the SDU "Special Delivery Unit" right now and there were three nurses here about personal treatment. Along with the nurses and one of the other families, we ordered turkey and stuffing plates from Cracker Barrel...not too shabby!

I went back to see CeCe at 3:00pm and to my surprise...she was off the CPAP and had been since 1:00pm and was totally breathing on her own...what a rock star! Her nurse commented how well she's doing. Even with just having had surgery yesterday, she is moving and wiggling everything right down to her toes! It's amazing to see. Her head circumference has also improved which is a great sign for her in the "to shunt or not to shunt" discussion. Also, Brian finally got to hold and feed her today! They warned us they she may not eat very much at first, but she sucked it right down and promptly feel asleep.

We were able to move to the Ronald McDonald House (or Old McDonald's House as Caroline calls it)today too. That was an answered prayer. Brian says it great and I'll get to see it tomorrow.

We have so much to be thankful for this holiday. Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes...we are doing great and continuously marvel at the power of prayer and our God...we know He and your steadfastness to CeCe's cause has made this happen....we can not be thankful enough.

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  1. Oh Wow!! So many answered prayers...What a wonderful Thanksgiving!