Saturday, November 27, 2010

Night in the NICU

Well, CeCe is still doing well but she can't seem to stay off the cannula. In the evening, she needs a little extra help and a little extra back on she goes.

Her blood sugar has also dropped lower than they'd like it, so she is back on a titrated IV (i.e. they give her whatever extra fluid she needs if she doesn't eat enough on her own). It's kind of a Catch-22...she wants to sleep all the time because she isn't eating enough, and she doesn't eat enough because she's sleeping all the time.

They are going to re-evaluate this every four hours and I am here at the hospital tonight in a sleeping room if they need (bedside right now, and of course, she's just a snoozin').

By the way, head ultrasound got moved to Monday...

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  1. Still keeping you guys in my prayers, and hoping you'll be going home soon. I love the family pic of ya'll in the NICU...brings back so many memories! And I love that you've changed it to smile-stones! The very first time I read your blog link that's how I read it, and I thought "What a great way to look at it!"