Sunday, November 28, 2010

Carbon Copy

So, today has pretty much been a carbon copy of yesterday. The hospital is quieter over the weekend which is kind of nice, but also kind of depressing. Right now I am one of 4 people in a mammoth cafeteria.

Cece had an ok night...I was super glad to be able to be here with her. Her sugars remain low since she's not eating enough and she's still on the cannula.

The docs came by and did rounds this was a much smaller group than the ones during the week...just 1 NICU doc and 2 nurses. They reiterated their orders from yesterday and put her back on a bladder scan...this thing that checks to see if she has anything left in her bladder just hanging around. It looks pretty extraneous to me. When they scan her it goes from 0ml to 37ml...not too exact. So, they had to cath her again but she was good and empty!

The still have to schedule her head and spine MRI...the other two test are tomorrow and wednesday...but I think I've already said that.

I'm waiting to hear if I have a sleep room again tonight...won't know until 5:00pm...probably would be really good if I did get one since Caroline was up all night vomiting and out of whack all day today. Poor thing...I blame hospital's an easy and unassuming culprit. I don't want to either cathc what she has or let it hitchhike into the NICU with me.

What day is it anyway..this place is like never know if it's day or night and there's always bells and whistles going off. Push come to shove, I'd rather be in Vegas.


  1. Hi Jen, I'm new to your blog - found it a couple days ago. Glad you've been able to stay for some of the time, even though it's hard to stay away from your daughter.
    CeCe looks so cute! Hopefully you'll be able to put the NICU behind you soon!

  2. Okay so I've tried to post a couple other times and don't see my posts, so I hope this works this time. I was just reading your blog and getting caught up and wanted to say congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. We were in your shoes a few months ago and even though it feels like forever right now, it will go by fast I promise. Soon you will all be home together as a family. I'm wishing little Cecilia well and hoping she gets the hang of that eating soon. Grayden had some trouble with that as well as had some difficulty getting weaned from the O2 as well. Hang in there mama, you are getting the best care possible.