Monday, November 8, 2010

Philly Update #1

Here, safe and sound. We went to CHOP today for my first appt. and it was ok. Everything has continued to feet (yep, back in the picture again), and the hydrocepheleus (sp?) had progressed as well...they say this is all to be expected. Contractions have lessened since we got here, but they kept telling me they are glad I'm here to keep an eye on me.

C-section etc. is still on the books for Nov. 22 as long as the amnio on Nov 18 says her lungs are ready to go...if not, c-section will be on 11/24 and her surgery will be on 11/26. They ran thru the what to expect stuff with me and I also met with a mid-wife and the anesthesiologist....nothing really new there.

On a side note...I got my cheesesteak! So, I can mark that off my list. I don't head back to CHOP until Monday and then again on I've got some hours to fill until then.

BTW, not that I reccommend you going to the hospital, but this place is amazing. Their level of care far exceeds anything I've ever experienced...the peri-natalogist, whom I affectionately refer to as Batman (he looks and sounds like Adam West!) happened to walk thru the waiting room and stopped to chat with my sister and me as if we were old friends. They always make sure you are comfortable and that they realize that although THEY do this everyday, you don't...I feel very "looked-after"....a huge change from Dr. Clown.

Thanks to all of you for making me feel "looked-after" as well. Greedily, I ask you to keep the prayers coming!


  1. Dr. Bebbington is totally Batman! That's hilarious.

    I know what you mean about the hospital..If ya gotta be in a hospital, this is a pretty amazing one to be in! It all sounds so familiar...We left early to get there too, and once I was there, they just monitored me twice a week. We filled our time with tons of sightseeing, and really made the most of it. I have great memories of our time there... Hospital/ NICU included. Anyways, my advice, enjoy every last second with your family...esp. Caroline. Have fun, don't stress! And eat lots of gelato at Capogiro...yummm.

  2. Jen glad you made it there. I'm praying for Brian and you daily.