Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Surgery postponed...

Not a great day...but Cece is a fiesty little trooper! We've had a rough day getting information from ANYONE...very frustrating. I cracked it. At 11:25am I called the NICU to see if her surgery was on track for 1:00pm....the nurse says..."she's going in 30 minutes and if you aren't here, we go without you". Brian rushed down to be with her since I still had follow-ups with my surgery docs. Why didn't anyone call us? I still don't know.

We both were there by 11:50am and they let us know that someone had ordered a coagulation test they don't normally run and it came back that her blood wasn't clotting...in actuality, it coagulated in the test tube before they could get it to the lab. They ran the same test two more times and got the same result...typical for newborns. Their conclusion?...because they couldn't get it to coagulate in the lab (because it already had in the tube!) her blood wasn't coagulating! That makes no sense! The neurosurgeon said he wanted to go ahead with the closure but the anestesiologist said no.

So, we wait until tomorrow and her back stays open another day...they say as long as they close within 48 hours the infection risk is minimal....I hate that she's not been closed yet. She is the first surgery tomorrow at 7:00am. Brian and I are both very frustrated and there's nothing we can do. Please continue to pray for her for no infections and a successful surgery tomorrow.

On a bright note...when the neuro resident came into talk to us...AFTER I cracked it...he said she has really good spontaneous movement and a small lesion...both great things.


  1. So sorry to hear it didn't go well today. Hopefully she can have her surgery in the morning.

  2. Oh Geez! So frustrating...We had major communication issues the day of Madison's surgery. It ended with me getting a call from Sutton's mobile, because he'd already left for the weekend...annoying, but it all worked out. Praying everything will go smoothly from here on out...

  3. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!!