Monday, November 15, 2010

Philly update #2....

Today was a good day at the hosptial/doctor. No ultrasound today, which is ok by me. The rest of the pre-natal stuff is all good. And, I got to meet one of the OB surgreons...although, probably not the one doing the cutting next week. He said "Hey, I know you! We've talked about you in our're the funny one!" That, I must say, made my day. He also noted that I didn't have much to talk with him about. I've been through a c-section before so I really already know that it pretty much stinks and why it stinks.

Caroline was a trooper at the was Brian for that matter. We took our laptop with us and she watched Veggie Tales most of the time and let all the folks talk to us that needed to talk to us, without interruption....a HUGE accomplishment if you know our little "chatty Cathy".

We were able visit the Aquarium last week in not-so-beautiful Camden, NJ as well as the Philly zoo and mall. Brian has had to start pushing me around in a wheelchair, but it's worth it (at least to me!) since we are not confined to the room AND, more importantly, it staves off the contractions. We are planning to head to the Please Touch Children's Museum tomorrow.

My amnio is still planned for Thursday at 9:00am and then I have to go back on Friday for pre-op stuff and bloodwork. If the amnio comes back Thursday evening and says Baby Girl's lungs are mature...she will be delivered on Monday, 11/22....just one week from today! If they aren't yet ready to go, she'll be delivered Wednesday, 11/24. Her closure surgery will then either be the 23rd or 26th.

There is another MOMS patient here right now that had the pre-natal surgery last month and she has asked to meet us, so we will say hello to her on Thursday when we head back to the hospital. I believe this is her first baby...I can't imagine dealing with this not knowing what a "normal" pregnancy is actually like. My prayers to her and her family. I was able to meet another participant when we were here for our evalation in August and it was such a great experience to be able to meet another family who had gone through what we are about to.

The study folks have also decided to let us go ahead and stay here in the hotel for the duration of the week rather then moving us to the Camden Ronald McDonald House. I think that's best for all of us. We have a nice hotel, near lots of stuff and have gotten into a nice routine. HOPEFULLY, next Monday, we will be able to move to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House just 6 blocks from CHOP when the baby arrives...fingers crossed!

Just as a side note, somewhere along the way Caroline has started calling her new sister "Baby-Delphia". I have no idea where that comes from as she understands that we are IN Philadelphia but insists that is her sister's name.

As always....thanks to all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and support. We know we couldn't have gone though this without family, friends, and most of all, God...

Till next time...

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