Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shuttle launch...delayed?

Um, yeah. So I went for the "lung development" amnio the way, not my favorite thing. Once they got the ENORMOUS needle in my belly, Baby Girl decided to wriggle around thereby forcing the doc to wriggle the needle around...THAT felt good. It actually reminded me a scene from Pulp Fiction to be precise.

Anyway...they ran the "fast" test results and just called me back to say....drumroll please..."the test results are borderline". Translation? We are still a maybe, possible, perhaps 'GO' for Monday but the complete results won't come back until over the weekend (when the MOMS nurse is off) but she assured me that she will pass the word to the on-call mid-wife who will try, maybe, perhaps, if she can...pass the full results on to me. If they don't get back to me, then we go in on Monday and see what they say then.

Ummmm, ok.

Sooooooo, whatever. We wait. Baby Girl sure does want to make an entrance, huh?

On a bright note...they did say her "extremities have great movement"...and she weighs approx. 6.94lbs! Now, that's something I want to hear!

As always...thank you for your prayers and we'll keep you posted!

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