Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How did she get to be 9 weeks old?

CeCe had here re-scheduled 2 month pedi appt on Monday...He checked her out and said she's looking great. She has hit all her smilestones :) so far and she took her shots like a champ. She's up to 10lbs 12oz too...what a beast!

She also had her follow-up visit with Early Intervention and she brought a Physical Therapist this time around. She re-evaluated her since she hasn't been looked at since she was 9 days old at CHOP. She said she was impressed by her leg movement, but still needs work to loosen her hip, knee, and ankle joints. The knees were new to us, but just means we need to add another exercise to her rapidly growing repertoire. It's funny that all the docs say..."it will only take a few minutes a day if you add this or that" That time swallows up 24 hours VERY quickly.

Next up....neuro tomorrow....

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