Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Deja Vu...

We are back in the hospital. CeCe started having breathing issues over the weekend and we took her to her pedi yesterday morning. He at first thought it was croup. But then he thought there might be a Spina Bifida connection and sent us straight to Levine's...do not pass go...even asked if we wanted to go in an ambulance.

We got to the ER about 10am and they did an xray of her head and chest and a CT scan. Thay also consulted with neuro and ruled out the shunt. They decided to admit her and we were sent back upstairs. Some of the nurses recognized us from her shunt surgery days...not sure if that's good or bad.

Since being admitted, they've given her 2 breathing treatments (her little chest compresses about 1-1.5 inches when she's upset and trying to breath in), xray of neck and side chest (this was awful to see) and a have sent an endoscope up her nose to look down at her upper airway (double awful to see). This is where they found something. The ENT said that her vocal chords appear to be paralyzed or partially paralyzed. BUT, he can't say if that's related to the virus, she has always been that way and now it's just surfaced, or if it's a connection to her Chiari malformation in her brain. So, he really just presented a ton more questions with very little answers. The pulmonologist will look at her today. She will have to be sedated so he can look below the vocal chords and see if there is any other kind of inflammation. They are also, of course, testing her for RSV, flu, and croup.

I'm just waiting to see the morning doctors now....


  1. Let us know if you need anything!!

  2. Sending you thoughts and prayers!
    Hopefully you'll get some good answers soon!

  3. Oh, I'm hoping and praying it's something simple. Love and prayers, my friend.