Thursday, January 6, 2011

17, I counted.

That's how many Doctor's appts./hospital visits/tests etc...since we've been home. And, yesteday was her repeat audiology newborn screen...and....SHE ROCKED IT. In fact, if she didn't pass with high enough numbers, they would have sent her for another diagnostic test at another office and yesterday visit would have been useless. But...nooooooooo! The doc said her numbers came back very quickly and she passed with flying, we are DONE with that guy! Mark him off the list!

We have a follow up with the Early Intervention (EI) people on the 25th and she has a followup with the neurosurgeon and an ultrasound next Monday. This appt will double check that her shunt is set at the proper pressure setting.

She's also going on a field trip tomorrow so the girls at my work can get their hands on her....hi, ladies! Remember to use your hand sanitizer!

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  1. Wow. 17 is alot, but I have found that the appointments cluster. So you'll have alot of appointments and visit and be super crazy, and then have a month or 2 break with only physio.
    I've noticed about every 3 months things go crazy.
    Hopefully at the end of these 17 you'll have a long break!