Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vegas versus Branson, Missouri

So I posted a long time ago, when we were in Philly, that the NICU at CHOP reminded me of Vegas...with all the bells and whistles. To expand upon that analogy, the Progressive Care Unit at Carolina's Medical Center-Levine's Children's Hospital (what a motuhful!) is more like Branson, MO. Vegas is all about the headliners...Cher, Celine, Elton...Bransen is all about, well, ummmm, not being Vegas. It's a tough comparison going from creme brulee to vanilla ice cream.

Although the nurses here are friendly, they seem to be neither as well informed nor as educated as those at CHOP. For instance, Cece's monitors were going ballistic last night....for...20...minutes. Then they just cut off. Thirty mintues after that, someone came in and when we asked if she was ok, did we need to do anything...etc...they laughed...LAUGHED...and said that the monitors weren't getting the right readings so they had cut them off at the nurses station...information I would have considered invaluable 50 minutes ago.

CeCe is sleeping now and we are waiting for the doctors to come by for morning rounds...she had a rough start to her night. As the anastesia was wearing off she was acting like a crashing heroin addict...she was screaming and scratching at the air for minutes at a time and then would fall silent. She couldn't keep anything down either. It was really hard to watch (and listen to). They gave her some pain medicine and that kicked in after about 45 minutes...she squirmed through the night but seemed to settle down. We got her to eat, and more importantly, keep down, about 2 oz this morning at 7:15am....half of what she normally eats. We'll try her agian soon!

Hopefully, we can check out of Branson and head on home.

Sidebar: CeCe is up to 9lbs and 1 oz...yeah! But more importantly, her head circumference was up 6 cm from the itme she was released from NICU to 42cm...after the surgery she was down to 40cm....THAT IS GREAT NEWS!

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