Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CeCe had her Video UroDynmaics test today...this is a biggie for SB kids. It measures pressures in the bladder to see if they can empty it on their own. Most (read:all) SB kids have bladder and bowel struggles. She did really well with this. She is able to void on her own, they think (of course...they NEVER commit to a can/cannot here!) that she can. All that means is that is how she is functioning "today". They will repeat this test at 12 and 30 months and of course our Urologist at home will start monitoring it as well when we get back.

Speaking of which.....drumroll, please....we are being discharged on Friday....WOOHOO! We are basically thru with all the testing and just have a few things left on our discharge checklist that we will complete tomorrow. You can tell things are winding down there for her. She was one of 3 babies that her nurse had last night...she used to be one on one or one to two. Her bedside was realatively quiet today too...not NEARLY as many people poking and proding her today....kind of nice.

The NICU is a tough place...for babies and parents. There are 75 beds here and almost 300 nurses alone. In the nighttime, after shift change, it is really a very quiet place. A baby occasionally cries out and is tended to, but as the babies get better, like CeCe, you see them leave with their parents who are almost skipping out the door headed home to normalcy. Last night, life flight came in with an 8 day old. I wondered what had happened with this baby and at the same time, I'm sure I don't want to know.

We are ready to be home.


  1. So glad to hear ya'll are on your way outta there!! GOD is Good!

  2. so does this mean you get to come home?