Monday, December 6, 2010

Carolers and other Christmas cheer

With all that's been going on with us lately, it's easy to get lost and forget that we are in the holiday season.

We were sweetly reminded of this yesterday afternoon when Miss Tina, Miss Sallie and Miss Tammy brought a group of children by to carol at our home. This was such an unexpected joy....we loved it!

We also discovered that our great neighbors had not only decorated the OUTSIDE of our home, but some sneaky little elves snuck into our attic and "decked our halls"! What a great gift!

In other news, Cece had here first of at aleast 3 doctor appts. today. We have found a really great pediatircian locally that has 10 experience dealing with Spina Bifida kids. He was great to us (let us come to the office early to avoid all the sickies) and showed us great interest and concern. He is just going to be her general doc. She has her neurosurgery appt and urology appt tomorrow...Her head circumference is on the rise and Brian and I are worried that a shunt is in the near future. Yes, we always knew this was a possibility, of ocurse, but potentially facing another surgery of this magnitude with her is tough to realize. So, please pray for her tomorrow for these appts.

Keep the faith!

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