Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nothing to report!

How's that for a headline! CeCe is doing very well (everybody, knock on wood!). The last of her surgery strips came off today, just in time for her first pictures...ok, ok...her first PROFESSIONAL pictures :)! While her stridor is still there on occasion, a little reminder of where she's been, it's much quieter.

She starts PT at the house tomorrow and we are looking forward to having them come every week so she can keep hitting her milestones. She struggles to hold her head up but we can see progress there already. Oh yeah, and she GIGGLED this week More of and "henh hehn" than a "HAHA"...but music to our ears nonetheless.

Don't tell Brian, but he think he is enjoying his Mr. Mom status. He was very excited to have a playdate at the park yesterday and is looking forward to another one on Thursday. He came home talking about recipes and hair salons! Ok, no he didn't, but I think he really did enjoy the time he spent with another family. Thanks, Tiff!

Check out her new pic to the right....Gooooo CeCeBe!

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  1. Glad everything is going well. I love the new picture.