Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4 month update

Not too much here....CeCe had her 4 month pedi checkup and is doing great! She's gained about a pound and a half since her last hospital stay and has grown almost 2 inches since January....what a beast! The doctor said he really liked seeing all her leg/ankle/hip/toes movement (we can't hear that enough) and really not too much else to report. It was such a relief not to have the appointment end with an emergency (or soon to be scheduled) hospital visit.

Her doctor also mentioned for the first time that he is on the national SB association board ( you think you know someone!) and he wondered if Brian and I might be interested in starting a Carolinas chapter...it's definitely something we've talked about before and are now considering again with his help. Anyone out there know anything about taking on a huge endeavor like this??? We'd really like to help folks going forward with a place to connect and find answers. Something to think about...

More soon!

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  1. Awesome news, Jen! And her new pics are precious! You guys should definitely start a chapter...Get on Babycenter and get feedback from the other NC folks. I bet you wouldn't be taking this on all by yourself...they are probably waiting for the opportunity to jump in with you! Good Luck!