Monday, March 14, 2011

Cautiously Optimistic...

Today is a day to give both science and religion a pat on the back! They both came together today and gave CeCe a good, yet cautious, report. And, we'll take that..thank you very much.

Brian reported back from the ENT appointment today (I'm back to work) that the ENT was "very pleased" and "optimistic" about CeCe's progress. The doc scoped her again and he (and Brian) were able to see much better function/movement in her vocal cords then when he scoped her right after her larynx surgery on February 8th. He believes she will return to full capacity and function, but is not there yet. What does that mean? NO TRACH-TALK TODAY!!! He did stress that we are not out of the woods, but that we are on the right path. We still have to be mindful of her eating and swallowing habits as these are the first signs that things maybe going downhill. He (like neuro) can't explain why the stridor is back...just one of those things. By the way, he also does not want to see her back for 3 W-H-O-L-E months! And, neither do we!!! We pray she doesn't have symptoms that push us there more quickly.

I was expressing my frustration for all CeCe's been through to a friend at church who's a nurse this past Sunday...she said something that will stick with me....she said, "the docs try things that have worked on other people's kids and hope they will work for CeCe." And that, my friends, is kind of the definition of "practicing medicine", yeah? It's all about perspective. Thanks, Sallie.

On a sidenote (you know I always have a side note!): Being back to work hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be...Brian has made this transition so much easier just by being the person he is. I treasure all the time we had together as a family these last 3-4 months...but I know our girls are in good, strong, loving hands. But, I miss you guys like crazy!!!


  1. YEAH!!! So glad you guys got some good news, and that she is continuing to improve. She will be with us during the day before you know it. I can't wait!!

  2. So happy she's continuing to improve! Much love and continued prayers from all of us!

  3. Brian & Jenn,
    Happy for you her medical problem was resolved. I look forward to seeing the family in May. Her progress isn't just because of her professional medical care. All the TLC she receives from the two of you make her the happy baby she is. Love the pictures!