Friday, May 6, 2011

ENT and School Update

CeCe had her latest ENT follow-up this morning. The good doctor, of course, wanted to scope her to check out her vocal cord movement and was pleased with what he saw. Her left cord is moving purposefully and functionally and her right is improving, although it's still not back to normal...yet. He expressed that he did think this would return in time, on it's own. He also said he has several patients that live just fine only having one functioning vocal cord. Then he added, very solemnly and dramtically...that although her speaking voice should be fine, she may have trouble hitting "the high notes" when singing. Ummmm, whaaaa? Brian and I burst out laughing at this one...To a family who hears something like this about their child for the first time, I can imagine that is may be tough to hear. To us? Excuse the pun....this was music to our ears! If this is all Little Miss has to deal with, we are ecstatic! Aside from the genetic impossibilities herein, there goes her diva opera career...or maybe she'll just have to be an alto! He didn't mean for this bit of news to be humorous...but it certainly us. All in perspective, my good man, all in perspective.

Sooooo, all that said....CeCe has now been given a great big, giant, jolly green light to start "school" on Monday the 16th....which also means Mr. Mom is headed back to work. Boo! When asked how I feel about this as our new reality, my answer is...medium. The ENT said it best.."it's time to move on with all your lives and she can't live in a bubble", to school she goes and we'll see how it goes. I bet she rocks that baby room...afterall, she's so worldly!

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  1. CeCe is totally going to rock the baby room!!! I will take great care of her...