Friday, April 29, 2011

Pushing up and rolling off!

CeCe had another 6-week neuro follow-up yesterday. The neuro said her ventricles are still smaller than he'd like to see them so they needed to dial up her she's back to "CeCe 2.0"! I know this seems counterintuitive since the hydro caused her ventricles to be "big"...but there is such a thing as too small. It can cause her shunt to clog more easily forcing an emergency revision...something we DO NOT want her to go through. The doctor has us watching/listening out for any changes she may experience because of the shunt adjustment. He also checked her kick reflex and liked what he saw there too...she pushed back at him with her legs when he ticked her off!

Bright notes this week...Monday-Little Miss is pushing herself up when she is laying (lying?) on her tummy...she used to just fall asleep. You should have seen the three of us (Brian, Caroline and Me) kneeling in front of her cheering her on....a Broadway performer should play to such an ovation! THEN, to top that, Thursday-she is rolling from her belly to her back! No more relaxing on the ottoman for her! She makes us proud everyday...what a joy!

We head to ENT next Friday and clinic the Friday after that...I'll update then!

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  1. AMAZING!! Way to go Miss CeCe! Your fans in NOLA are cheering too!