Monday, May 23, 2011

"That's everything!"

Just a quick note here. This gives me chills...

My sister, Gretchen (Gretel!), an accomplished Physical Therapist, was up to visit us yesterday. She was doing some work on her laptop and CeCe was sitting next to her in her Bumbo seat. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw CeCe point her feet and wriggle her toes. She said "Hey! She has Dorsal Flexion!"..or something like that. We had seen CeCe do this before and but didn't really KNOW what it meant. Gretchen put her few a few paces and said she's reflexing when she touches her toes and pushes back at her when she pushes her feet upwards. She seemed very excited about this and said CeCe seems to be responding at an S1-S2 level. I said that's great knowing there is also S3-S5 below that. So I asked..."well, what does that mean as far as feeling goes?" and she said "That's everything!".


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  1. Just wait, Girl...The goosebumps just keep on coming!