Thursday, July 28, 2011

You probably think this is going to be about helmets...

Dear Blog Readers:
Although you are few and far between, please allow me an indulgence with today's post without the fear that you will never return based on its content. I just feel like writing today.

Bear with we go...
Why is it that when I'm driving in my car alone I compose blog entries that bring me to the brink of belly-aching hilarity and near-miss collisions, yet when I rush to jot down these little gems, they've completely escaped me. Today is such day....alas, I cannot recall what caused a fit of laughter between Exits 25 & 28 on my morning commute. Most often these posts jostle around in my brain in the form of conversations befitting an insane person just shy of their asylum admittance mulling things over with their multiple personalities. I openly laugh/smirk/hurrah etc out loud in public places, forgetting myself and my environment...lost in the teleprompter in my head. In these conversations, I've composed a thousand "resignation" letters (read:all the things you never have and never will say), dreamed of the day when I actually WILL stop my car and tell the person behind me EXACTLY what I think of their driving skills, and lamented about exactly how I will work the word "vociferous" into a blog entry (DONE!).

So, my friends, to sum up what today's entry is about...nothing.

By the way, CeCe had her helmet appointment yesterday and her new accessory will arrive August 10th. There, see...if you read to the end, you will get useful information! Au Revoir!

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