Monday, October 25, 2010

Had my re-check with Dr. Clown today...let it be known that he still lives up to his nickname.  So, with all the contractions I've been having...he has put me on modified bedrest for the duration.  Basically, although everything looks to be ok, they don't want to take any chances with I will be working from home and on my feet for limited amounts of time.  I can go to the store to get a gallon of milk, but not to do a big shopping trip...things like that.  I will wrap things up at work as best I can tomorrow and maybe Wednesday and dial-in the rest of the time.  When I go back next Tuesday to the doc, they will run another fetal fibronectin test to test the liklihood about the baby coming within the next two weeks...hopefully this will be negative again.

I also talked to Philly about everything, and they are fine to bring us up there whenever we'd like to go from now on...we are going to see how the test comes back next week and go from there.

That's about it!

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  1. I ended up going back to Philly earlier than expected too. I had really low amniotic fluid when I saw the peri, so they flew us in the next morning. OH the stress. Once we got there I was a "watched pot" for another week, but I was soooo relieved to just be there. So my advice, if it eases your mind to get up there sooner...then go. And don't worry about the work'll be there when you come back! Hugs!