Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Super quick and super awesome

I promise to post more later, but the quick gist for today is....AWESOME! CeCe's first appointment was with a Developmental Pediatrician who put her through the physical paces...checking reflexes, social interaction, and all other milestone abilites. The doc was obviously impressed! She called her fabulous and had nothing but great things to say...CeCe even showed off by crawling on ALL FOURS for the first time for her! Get it, girl! We don't get a true clinical opinion because they don't know her outside of the 45 minutes they spent with her today..but she had such great things to say.

She also saw a neurodevelpmental doc that checked all her cognitive skills and abilites...CeCe did skills for this doc I never knew she could do...stacking two blocks, problem solving, and imitation among them. This doc called her Delightful! It was so fun to watch her impress them.

Urology up tomorrow!

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