Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We just got home from the hospital and CeCe is doing well. The ENT did her bronch scope and said that all is pretty much the same as the last time he looked in August. Her right cord is still not moving very well, but her left is about full function. He was also able to say that the nerves around that area seems good so that's a positive sign that the right one may still come back.

On to the MRI and neuro. The MRI showed that her syrinx (the fluid in her spinal cord) has not gotten any smaller as we had hoped since her decompression in February. As the neuro said this is not really good or bad news, it's just news. What it means is that they went ahead and changed her shunt setting in hopes that would fix it. Then they will redo her MRI in 6 months (ugggh) and see if that helped. If not, the next thing is to decide if she needs a second shunt (different then she has now) in her spinal cord to remove the excess fluid and not allow it to build up causing loss of function below the site. Not something we want. They also told us that she has a tethered cord...I guess we knew this, but this is the first anyone has said it outloud. Once she starts growing more, the spinal cord will become taut and cause her to lose function below that spot and she'll have to have another surgery to de-tether. All sb folks have this, it's just when it becomes symtomatic that it's a problem.

Sorry this is such a bland post, but it's been a long day. BTW, when they came out to get us when she was in recovery the nurse said..."She's so happy!" That's my girl!

BTW, if you take a look at the calendar, CeCe will be 1 year old in two weeks...holy cow! If you'd like to get her a gift, that's great but we would really love for people to make donations to the sb association instead. Here is the site...


Thank you all for your prayers (and positive thoughts!)

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  1. Hello Jen,

    I wanted to stop by to let you know that on November 30th, 2011 at 7pm Dr. Marc Levitt, Director of The Cincinnati Colorectal Center for Children, will be holding an online Q & A relating to fecal incontinence due to Spina Bifida, as well as, explaining the Bowel Management Program he has designed to battle this difficult problem. The RSVP page is posted below if you are interested in logging on and attending and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have concerning the event. Hope all is well and I hope you find this resource helpful on your journey!

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    John Martin
    Partner's Hub