Monday, September 27, 2010

30ish weeks and counting

Back from the doc was ok, not great.  They can see progression, which is really what we didn't want...we want STATUS QUO.  Her ventricles have enlarged, which indicates not only her normal growth as a fetus, but also more significantly that she will now need a shunt placed in her ventricle right after birth.  Kids with a neural tube defect need this something like 80% of time...I was hoping to be in the 20% group.

They are also now thinking that they see some clubbing in her left foot...we had avoided this until know....and usually if it hasn't shown up by this point, then it's been avoided altogether.  This will mean she will need some corrective braces at minimum.

Although these are all normal progressions for Spina Bifida, I had really been praying for her condition to remain stable...Brian really takes it all in stride better than I do...he knows we'll be able to handle anything thrown at us....I know this too, I'm just slower to come to the realization.

On a bright note....everything else looked great...she's actually measuring a bit bigger than her 30 weeks (like at 32 weeks) which is good news for a baby that will be born early.  Her heartbeat is super strong too....she's a fighter for sure!

More later....if I can think of anything else!

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  1. Jen-
    Sorry to hear about the scary diagnosis.
    We went through a miscarriage (at 8.5 wks) and a false-alarm heart defect & club foot ultrasound.
    I sympathize so much with your fears and wish you and your husband strength!!